How to Master PUBG? – Some Tricks to Help

In multiplayer games like PUBG, you should be quick and efficient enough to kill other players. Of course, you should have the right resources as well. Even, luck plays a part in winning PUBG as well. Thanks to the playerunknown battlegrounds hacks. They help many players to get the resources they need to move forward in this game.

When you start the game, you will have to grab the tools. You will find many of them in different locations in your landing game zone. But, you should remember one more thing here. When you kill a player, you should grab some tools and resources from him. For instance, if you can get bullets, they will help you. In case, you run out of the bullets, the collected ones will help.

In the same way, grabbing the vehicles will also help you. For instance, the motorbike will help you travel faster.

Start from the center of the map always:

Once you start playing PUBG, you will see a map on your screen. You will also see a circle, which is your safe zone. Whenever you go beyond this safe zone, you will get a warning. The reason is that going beyond this zone will increase the chances of getting killed. Also, you should keep a watch on the safe zone. The reason is that the circle area of the safe zone will continue to reduce.

Experienced players always suggest that you should start your play from the map’s center. The reason is that you will find many resources at the center. Also, starting from the center will help you gain some time to search. You will get the time to search the entire location before the safe zone gets closer.

However, in the center, there are chances of many players around you. Remember that most players will not wait until the end of the flight to dive. In turn, it will increase your chances in those areas.

When you dive, it is better to go as left as possible. Even, you can go as right as possible in the path of the plane. The reason is that most players do not do this. It means that you can start safely collecting resources. It is better to set a marker, where you are going to land. Once you are ready to dive, it is better to dive as close as possible. Also, remember to go straight down. When you do this, you will reach the spot quicker than the other players.

When you are playing, make sure that you are within the safe zone circle. You should check this then and there. Also, make sure that you are at the centre as much as possible to play safe.

Gather energy drinks:

When you play all along, you might get tired. So, when you are gathering resources, look for energy drinks. Now, I wish you to remember that you can get many of these useful resources. Even, you can play safe when you have a PUBG aimbot hack handy. Not just energy drink, you will get many such resources using a hack tool. Check out for more info!